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Monthly Archives: April 2011

Partner Leaving

So my partner who wrote and maintains the Game Framework that is used to build all the iPhone games we have been making has taken a job at Rock Star.  You might know them from such games as “Grand Theft Auto”, “Max Payne”, and “Red Dead”.  While he was told by his new management that he should try to keep his involvement in the game company he helped build, their legal department put a stop to that idea.  Can’t say I blame them.

Life Changes

My life has also taken a change.  At my day job, I am a project lead on a new piece of software.  And while I still enjoy making games in my spare time, I have very little of it.  I work on average about 60 hours a week, and I just don’t have it in me to program more than 70 or 80 hours a week.  Between that, and trying to have a life that does not involve being glued to one keyboard or another, its very hard to find time to make games in my spare time.


Because of these two realities, I have decided to stop programming against our Game Framework.  It was really cool to build it ourselves and we learned a lot from it.  If you really want to learn game programming, making your own framework is the best way to do it.  But lets get something straight, that is exactly what you will be doing, making a game framework – not making games.  I want to spend what personal programming time I have left on making games.

Thus, I plan to start using Unity 3D, a game .making middleware  At first, I plan to just use the basic version of the main and iPhone packages they offer.  It cost $400 for those and its well worth not spending my time framework programming.  I have 2 games I want to do in it:

  • Tanks Online Reboot
  • Undisclosed Name (Code Name: “CatPhone”)

More on these later.