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I have been working more on project Cat Phone recently.  I have added a lot of new mechanisms to the project.  The most recent being the supply and demand engine.  None of the numbers are correct (the rates that things produce goods, and the rate they demand them, etc.), but the engine is now fully in place.

Cities may have industries added to them (The extra-large white models in the cities you may see).  When an industry is added it creates a supply and demand sub-node on the city.  A city can have any number of supply and demand nodes.  They are all added up and the total of each type of good is displayed for the player to recognize in the HUD along with a numerical indicator for how much that type of good is being supplied or demanded.  I am using random license-free textures I found on the internet to do those indications  so they don’t look so good.  But when the projects moves towards production and becomes an official game, I will have an artist replace everything with good looking textures and models.

Supply Demand

Supply and Demand HUD

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