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Working down the list of MVP requirements I have done a lot of work.

Resources are now labeled on the map. I had to do this so I could show the label in the train’s stop list, so why not add it to the map while I had the information on hand.

Stations can now be placed.  When in station placement mode, hexes that are available for station placement are highlighted in blue.


A station has been placed in “Tulsa” and confirmation is about to take place:



A few more stations are placed and the player can now buy a train.  The player selects the type of engine and the different stations a train will visit:


After selecting “Add Stop” (need a better name for “stop”. “Way point”?) the map is available and all hexes with stations on them are highlighted in blue, indicating they are available for selection.  Hexes with a stop already placed on them for this train are highlighted in yellow as a reminder to the player that the train is setup up to stop there already, but these stations can be selected again if the player wants a train to visit any particular station more than once in it’s loop:


The stations are listed in order that the train will visit them.  Ordering and deleting of rows is available:


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