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When I first sat down to implement train path finding on placed tracks I had an overly complicated model in my head of how tracks connected and how one might sniff out a path on the track.  It involved allowing “turning around” at a station that was not the train’s destination – how do you indicate that it’s “OK” to be traveling the same path but now the other direction… Then, in the spirit of MVP and my original “simplify it if you can and the game is still fun” mentality I realized that trains don’t need to be able to turn around at stations.  The rules I put in place for track layout guarantee that a train can get from any hex to any other hex without backtracking on hexes it has already visited.  With that understanding there are no circumstances where turning around at a station nets a shorter path or opens up solutions that wouldn’t have otherwise existed.  It was just me wanting to solve the hardest, juiciest problem.

After throwing out the idea of non-destination station turnarounds the entire problem got way easier.  A simple “bucket fill” path solving algorithm nets all possible solutions and then I just ask for the one that costs the least.  Cost is a combination of distance and type of terrain the solution has to pass though.

Here we see a train following a solved-for path from Charlotte to Donald’s Tree Farm.  Sorry about the gif artifacts, those are not there in the real rendering.



Next steps:

  • Box cars
  • Supply/Demand netting from train deliveries
  • Player Goals

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